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Data Protection Consulting

Data Protection Management Program


  • Enable your organisation to demonstrate compliance with evolving data protection laws
  • Provide you with visibility of the maturity of your compliance with evolving data protection laws
  • Demonstrate the risks associated with your processing of personal data and areas of weakness that could lead to breaches or compliance failure
  • Assist you to maintain data protection standards and demonstrate accountability
  • Contribute to the ongoing improvement of customer trust and levels of engagement


  • Immediate access to Subject Matter Experts and a broadly experienced team of data protection professionals
  • Removal of the ‘unknowns’ experienced when conducting a similar process internally
  • Peace of mind that the process has been conducted thoroughly by broadly experienced privacy professionals
  • A decrease in the potential for compliance failure across your organisation
  • Substantial reduction in regulatory and reputational risk
  • Ultimately leading to improved trust, increased engagement, elevated reputation – promoting ever-increasing organisational value


Our data protection consultancy services provide you with access to our experienced and knowledgeable team who will help you to understand and analyse your existing data protection compliance framework, advise on any issues identified and then provide further support to mitigate the risks associated with these issues.

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